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Reporters wield sharp pens in ACC-Big East cage match

[ Originally posted 06.29.03 ]

• How-to guide: Realigning with class
• Friendly merger of leagues adds up
• Survival in question for hybrid conferences
• Miami Makes the Leap — Now What?
• Hurricanes rage over nervous landscape
ACC, Big East on edge about Miami
• Leagues caught in eye of the Hurricanes
• Media rises to task in ACC-Big East feud

• VPI in; Miami ponders; ECU sees opening
• ECU chancellor keen on developments
• Miami calls timeout to huddle with Big East
BE plans "up front" and "proper" expansion
• ACC door cracked open for ECU...?
• Mountain West preparing to pounce
Chalk one up for the non-BCS schools
• Big East-ACC peace plan in the works?
• ECU poised to ride out ACC-Big East storm
ACC deliberations at crossroads
Big Top needed for this circus
Where are you, Governor Easley..?


Who says the members of the sports media lack meaningful perspective?

After their breathless reporting about the ongoing War of Southern Aggression, are there still those with doubts about whether sportswriters have the ability to mix biting sarcasm with laser-targeted humor in order to get a valid point across?

From The Rock Hill Herald to The New York Times, the laptops have been supercharged.

The Atlantic Coast Conference’s bumbling, stumbling, fumbling raid on the Big East has provided the perfect fodder for scribes to prove their worth, to call a spade a spade, and, occasionally, to label an Ace a Joker.

Here are a few excerpts (including hyperlinks to the original articles) from recent coverage of the convoluted process:

  • “It was planned as a surgical strike. It has been carried out with all of the precision of a Three Stooges pie fight. … “ — Tim Sullivan, San Diego Union-Tribune
  • “The first rule of college sports should be this: Unless all the football teams play each other, and unless all the basketball teams play each other twice, it isn't a conference. … “ — Mark Whicker, Orange County Register
  • "... The winner of college football's version of Powerball could be East Carolina. ..." — Ted Lewis, New Orleans Times-Picayune
  •  “ACC officials kept expansion afloat with this 11-team, 11th-hour decision, but it is difficult to imagine anyone believing this is a good plan. … In an effort to get bigger and more powerful, the ACC has proven it can really screw up a good thing. … “ — Gary McCann, Rock Hill Herald
  • “In theory, I've long liked the idea of ACC expansion. … In reality, I'm glad I don't have to clean up the mess. … “ — Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer
  • “ … Ultimately, the ACC's presidents and chancellors make all the decisions. In expansion, it has become painfully clear that few, if any, of those folks understand the principles of cooperation and compromise. … “ — Caulton Tudor, Raleigh News & Observer
  • “Probably too late now, but there has to have been a way to somehow turn this athletic-conference wrangling over the University of Miami into a reality TV show. Considering the weeks and weeks in which the Byzantine drama has inched on, we might well have called the series, American Idle. … — Greg Cote, Miami Herald
  • “ … Miami called the shots to start the ACC-Big East battle. … Miami will call the shots until the end. … ACC officials thought Miami was meeting to approve their invitation to join. Instead, they got notice that Miami will spend the weekend mulling the proposal and, gasp, a list of late counterproposals from the Big East. … The circle of humiliation is complete. … — Jeff Jacobs, Hartford Courant
  • “The only thing even remotely amateurish about big-time college sports anymore are some of the people in charge. … “ — Jim Litke, The Associated Press
  • “Behold the power of the college football dollar, that a reputable conference would be so eager and willing to debase itself. … “ — Mike Lopresti, Indianapolis Star
  • “Let me see if I have this straight. Miami and Virginia Tech are headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference, Syracuse and Boston College are going nowhere and Louisville might join the Hair Club For Men? …” — David Whitley, Orlando Sentinel
  • “The ACC, please excuse the sacrilege, is poised to become a football league. … Roll over Everett Case, tell Bones McKinney the news. …” — David Teel, Newport News Daily Press
  • “ … I hope they're not teaching ethics classes at Virginia Tech. That would be a bad joke. … “ — Mike DeCourcy, The Sporting News
  • ”Charges of tampering, litigation, back-room deals, broken promises and bait-and-switch tactics were the milestones the Atlantic Coast Conference set on its road to expansion. …” — Joe Drape, New York Times
  • “ … The ACC looks foolish. The Big East looks vindictive. … Since this whole fiasco has a Marx Brothers feel to it, maybe it is time for UM to listen to the sage words of Groucho, who said, ``I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member. …” — Linda Robertson, Miami Herald
  • " ... Since the expansion effort became public in May, all sorts of actors have claimed roles. The Virginia governor, state legislators, state attorneys general, U.S. senators, boosters, business people and faculty members have all jumped in. ... — Ned Barnett, Raleigh News & Observer
  • " ... They really are nice folks over at BC, but a wink from Atlantic Coast Conference piranhas moved the nicest people from one of the best institutions to follow a quasi-collegiate program like Miami's football juggernaut to wherever the money trail took them. ... — David Pevear, Lowell Sun

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