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From the Anchor Desk
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

By Brian Bailey

Godwin busy during long, slow summer

By Brian Bailey
All rights reserved.

Billy Godwin and his coaching staff spent part of the day on Monday helping assistant coach Nick Schnabel move into a new residence in Greenville.

The group would have much rather spent the day putting together a game plan for an East Carolina NCAA Regional championship game.

The Pirates missed the NCAA party this year. So Godwin spent last week recruiting.

“We would have much rather been playing,” said Godwin. “But we promise we didn’t take the weekend off. We will keep pushing forward.”

In his 24 years of coaching, Godwin says he’s never had a year like this past one.

“I haven’t made one excuse,” he said. “There were certainly things ... that weren’t in my control that still were my responsibility. As things came up, we tried to deal with them head on. We tried to deal with them with the most integrity because that’s what we want to build this program on.”

Rumors began circulating around midseason that Godwin had fired pitching coach Bill Jarman. Godwin says those rumors simply were not true.

“I meet with all of our players and coaches at the end of every year,” Godwin explained. “As we started the conversation, he (Jarman) just told me he wanted to spend more time with his son.

"He is a single dad that has sole custody. He felt that stepping down was in the best interest for his family and I support that one hundred percent. So, no, he was not fired.”

Godwin says his search for a new pitching coach may go into the summer. He says he’s not in any hurry to hire someone. He’ll take his time and get the guy that’s right for the program.

“This is an important hire and I want to take my time,” he said. “I’ll probably wait to really get started after the College World Series.”

Godwin’s next assignment is to continue to recruit around the state and the region.

“I’ve always felt it was important for me to get out in recruiting and I plan to continue to do so," he said. "We’ve certainly got a lot on our plate, but recruiting is going well and I feel good about it. Again, though, I will take my time on hiring the new pitching coach.”

The Major League Baseball Amateur Players Draft opened last night. Several Pirates are expected to go sometime today. It’s not an exact science, but Godwin says several of his players should get a call sometime Tuesday.

“Sometimes the professional scouts can’t even tell you (where a player might go)”, Godwin explained. “I would be surprised if Kyle (Roller) didn’t go in the top ten rounds. I think Devin (Harris) will also go somewhere around there.

"I’ve seen it before where I’ve gotten it right, and I’ve seen it where is was much better or worse. But that’s where I think they’ll go after talking to scouts over the last couple of weeks.”

When the Pirates don’t make the NCAA regionals, it makes the summer that much longer.

Things tend to get quiet — quickly — in sports in June and July.


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08/06/2010 01:57 AM


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