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Nuggets of Gold
Tuesday, January 5, 2010
By Adam Gold
Adam Gold is the host of the Morning Show (6-9 a.m.) on 620 the Buzz.

To resolve or not to resolve

By Adam Gold
All rights reserved.

I’m really not much of a New Year's Eve guy. I really never have thought of the big night as, well, a big night. It’s cool and all, but it’s just the calendar turning over.

Why can’t we get ripped off at the local speakeasy every time the earth successfully rotates? It’s not that spectacular.

As for the requisite resolutions, if I haven’t started doing “it” already, I’m probably not going to make “it” a habit, so why bother?

Okay, just this once…

I resolve to… stop complaining that we’ve become so lazy that we’re okay with ending the decade now rather than waiting until the end of 2010. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not really a big deal, but just because it’s easier to refer to the 70’s or the 90’s without explaining that 1970 is actually a part of the decade of the 60’s is proof that we’re getting soft — maybe not Adam James soft, but close.

Frankly, I don’t really care when we end a decade, century, millennium or era — their vague cousin on the timeline — but I think all decades and such should have the same number of years. When we “passed go,” so to speak, 2009 years ago, we didn’t go from 1 BC to 0 and then to 1 AD.

Therefore, according to the way we calculate here in the Couch Potato Era, the very first decade included just nine years. That’s why when people ask me what was the greatest decade in the history of sports, the answer is never the original aughts. They’re at a distinct disadvantage.

I resolve to… stop wondering why those of us in Raleigh, a mere 85 miles from Greenville, can’t get WITN-TV 7 on our cable system. We treat the Pirates like a local team in the Triangle, so why can’t we watch those games.

Yes, I know that MASN (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network) carries most of those, so people who get their TV via satellite or fiber-optics don’t have the same problem. However, until MASN and Time Warner Cable settle their differences over placement on the channel line up, the Pirates might as well play in Brazil.

Meanwhile, I can watch three different C-SPANs.

And, I resolve to… be a better father to my children than Urban Meyer has been to his. Christmas night, Meyer had heart-to-heart conversations with each of his three children and his wife and came to the conclusion that, for the sake of his long-term health, he was going to step aside as Florida’s head coach.

One of his daughters commented that she was going to, “get my daddy back”. His 16-year old daughter figured that it had been about two years since she’d had any meaningful conversation with her dad.

Imagine, being so consumed with your paying job that you ignore the one that really matters? There is nothing more important than being a parent, a father, and when your kids so openly express their excitement at getting you back into their lives it says something about what your priorities have been.

Never mind.

Less than 24 hours later, after a really good practice, Urban Meyer effectively told his wife and three children that Florida football was more important than being a husband and a father. Oh, he’ll take an “indefinite leave of absence,” but his plan is to be back on the sideline when the Gators open the 2010 season.

Thanks, dad.

One more thing before I let you go. Skip Holtz’s name has surfaced a lot during the spinning of the coaching carousel. He was mentioned in connection with the openings at Kansas, Cincinnati, Texas Tech and even Notre Dame.

But, keep this in mind when you ponder whether or not to worry that East Carolina's head coach just might be ready to skip town: ECU is one of the very best “stepping stone” jobs in college football. It’s a place where you can win, there’s a certain level of national recognition and there is tremendous fan support.

Holtz has done a great job, winning back-to-back conference championships for the first time since Sonny Randle pulled off the feat 36 years ago when the Pirates were in the Southern Conference.

If Skip is going to leave Greenville, it will either be for one of the better jobs in college coaching or for a bigger payday. Texas Tech will be looking for a successor to Mike Leach in the coming weeks and Skip’s name has been floated. But know this: Tech‘s is not a better job than East Carolina’s.

The Red Raiders program might be able to offer more money, as evidenced by Leach’s $2.5 million annual salary. But, it’s a much tougher place to win, and it would be awfully easy to get left behind in the Big 12 — especially in the South division with Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Since money is never a good motivation on its own, I wouldn’t be too worried that Skip is going to be house hunting in Lubbock.

Happy New Year, Pirate Nation. All the best to you in 2010.



01/05/2010 03:22:37 AM

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