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2004-05 Audio Pages: Bonesville  •  Talk 1070/Cable 7  •  Pirate Radio 1250  •  Triangle Sports Talk
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NOTE: All of this provider's available 2004-05 audio archives are listed on this page or linked via the navigation bar below. Archives from other providers and from previous years are linked in the gray cell above.

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LIVE @ 5 - Troy Dreyfus and Jonathan Ellerbe
Live @ 5 is on the air from 5-6 PM on weekdays. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.29.05 >> Alan Thomas, Shawn Jones
04.28.05 >> Greg Hudson
04.27.05 >> "Interns" Kristine & Claire
04.25.05 >> Alan Osborne
04.22.05 >> Greg McDade, Ken Evans
04.21.05 >> Kim Winslow
04.20.05 >> Britton Banowsky, Skip Holtz
04.19.05 >> Lamont Lowry, Anne Melany
04.18.05 >> Alan Thomas, Paul Clifford, Denise Walsh, Greg Macdade, Connor Macdade
04.15.05 >> Kevin Monroe, BJ Crane, Nick Lewis, _Eddie & Nick Crabtree
04.14.05 >> The Pirate Captain, Alan Thomas, Eric Gilmore, Edward Green
04.13.05 >> Ray Craft. Ricky Stokes, Alan Osborne
04.12.05 >> Mike Money
04.11.05 >> Carl Reese, Larry Spell, Ray Craft
04.08.05 >> The Pirate Captain, Rob & Mike
04.07.05 >> John Howard, Ian Eastman
04.06.05 >> Alan Thomas, Rob Sinclair
04.05.05 >> Nancy Ball
04.04.05 >> Karen LaMonica
04.01.05 >> Rob Young, Phil Hogan

THE DUGOUT - Mike Mullis
Sportsline is on the air from 6-7 PM each Monday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.28.05 >> Will Brinson, Robert Talo, Matt Stillwell, Nick Schnobel
04.21.05 >> Will Brinson, Alan Osborne
04.14.05 >> Will Brinson, Ricky Stevenson
04.07.05 >> Will Brinson, Jack Moore

SPORTSLINE - Josh Spence and Allen Thomas
Sportsline is on the air from 6-7 PM each Monday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.25.05 >> Eric Thomas, George Koonce
04.18.05 >> Eric Gilmore, Ryan Riley
04.11.05 >> Eric Gilmore, Jones Angell, Brian North
04.04.05 >> Eric Gilmore, Webb Tyndall, Brian North

PRESS BOX - Troy Dreyfus
The Press Box is on the air from 6-7 PM each Tuesday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.26.05 >> Brian Bailey, Brian Meador, Nate Summers
04.19.05 >> Brian Bailey, Brian Meador, Nate Summers
04.12.05 >> Brian Bailey, Brian Meador

FROM THE BOOTH - Jeff Charles
From the Booth is on the air from 6-7 PM each Wednesday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.27.04 >> Joe Kramer, Dave Richmond, Bob Harris
04.20.04 >> Mike Baker
04.13.04 >> Mike Dement, Skip Holtz
04.06.04 >> John Cox, Tripp Roakes

The Miller Lite Sports Bar is on the air from 6-7 PM each Thursday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.28.04 >> Allen Thomas, Chris Oliver, Ben Parrot, Eddie King
04.21.04 >> Allen Thomas, Tim 'The Tank', Reid Williamson, Eddie King, Brian Summers
04.14.04 >> Ian Eastman, Tony Coutuzis, Chris Oliver, Eddie King, Brian Summers

04.07.04 >> Ian Eastman, Chris Oliver, Reid Williamson, 'South Beach Rob', Eric Abeles, Eddie King, Brian Summers

LOCKER ROOM - Kevin Monroe and Kevin Wiggins
The Locker Room is on the air from 7-8 PM each Wednesday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

No programs

EXTRA POINT - Dan Eberhard and Brock Letchworth
The Extra Point is on the air from 7-8 PM each Thursday. LISTEN LIVE >>>

04.29.05 >>
04.22.05 >>
04.14.05 >>


No programs

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