A Final Adieu to the 2007 Football Seniors
Bonesville says “Thanks for the
Memories” to the 2007 Seniors

By Ron Cherubini
©2008 Bonesville

It is hard to say good-bye to a good friend. Always is. And just like good friends, it is difficult to turn the page each year after football season, knowing that several Pirate gridders won’t be back the following year. There have been special classes in the lore of Pirate football. While the 2007 seniors likely won’t collectively be considered the most talented – you can leave that debate to the classes of 1991, 1983, 1965, etc.  –  it is a certainty that this group of seniors was special.

“The seniors a year ago (2006) did a great job,” Coach Skip Holtz said. “Guys like James Pinkney, Aundrae Allison, Ryan (Dougherty), Pierre (Parker), Kasey (Ross), all of them, were a class that got us back to being competitive and winning close games. They got us to a bowl game.

“This class really could have been content, but they wanted more. They earned the opportunity to go to Hawaii and to have the focus that they did is incredible. This was a very committed group of young men who wanted more than what they achieved (in 2006). No doubt, (the program) took another step with this group.”

In the 2007 seniors, Holtz had a wide margin of player types. From an All-American running back who turned in a season for the ages, to starters turned role players, to guys Holtz wrote off only to be proven wrong, to the coach’s own version of the Prodigal Son, the personalities that were the senior class are to be commended for helping turn a corner many thought not possible five years ago. It is a group that collectively set the stage for a host of talented players who learned from their example to tirelessly continue the quest of taking the program back to a no-challenge-is-too-big mind-set.

“The attitude that these young men are leaving behind (in the program) is so encouraging,” Holtz said. “I think a lot of this class… I really do. They were not the most talented but certainly one of the most successful and I think that is because they bought into the program and said, ‘(lack of stellar talent) doesn’t mean we can’t be a better team.’ I believe that attitude helped get us to where we are right now.”

Right now, the across-the-board talent and depth in the program is at a high mark not seen in many recent years. And the rising stars took note of the work ethic and attitude that the 2007 seniors demonstrated day after day in the program.

“Right now, we have a very committed group of young men who are working their tails off to be better and better,” Holtz said. “We are competing for championships and getting opportunities to play some of the best teams in the country – played two Top 10 teams this season. These young men know we didn’t get here with smoke and mirrors… it was hard work and determination. They are committed to build on (last season’s successes).”

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