Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium | Attendance: 40,743 | TV: CBSSN

Cincinnati 19, ECU 16 | Inside Game Day | Photo Gallery... | Audio: Ruff Postgame...

>>>  AAC SCHEDULE  >>> ..... ..... Thursday: USF 44, UCF 3 (ESPN) ..... ..... Friday: Houston 52, Navy 31 (ABC) ..... Tulsa 45, Tulane 34 (ESPNU) ..... ..... Saturday: Memphis 63, SMU 0 (ESPNN) ..... Cincinnati 19, ECU 16 ..... Temple 27, UConn 3 (ESPNU) ..... .....



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Photos taken by Al Myatt at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium in Greenville, NC. 2015
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Zeek Bigger (44) and Chris Hairston (22) come out onto Bagwell Field to play their last home game. [Al Myatt photo]

Bryce Williams (80) heads for the Murphy Center after he and his classmates were introduced on Senior Day. [Al Myatt photo]

ECU defenders Fred Presley (99), Joe Alleley (57) and Zeek Bigger (44) are set and ready to make a play. [Al Myatt photo]

Trevon Brown (88) heads upfield on a 39-yard kickoff return to start the game. [Al Myatt photo]

Right guard J.T. Boyd (65) pulls on a first half scoring drive for the Pirates. [Al Myatt photo]

An official marks the ball after a first down catch by Isaiah Jones (7). [Al Myatt photo]

Blake Kemp is set to release a 10-yard touchdown pass to Davon Grayson. [Al Myatt photo]

ECU offensive coordinator Dave Nichol gets emphatic. [Al Myatt photo]

ECU coach Ruffin McNeill confers with an official during a video review. [Al Myatt photo]

Ike Harris, 6-7, 309 pounds, awaits the verdict from upstairs on a replay. [Al Myatt photo]

Placekicker Caleb Pratt (91) boots the ball to the end zone for a touchback. [Al Myatt photo]

Cincinnati QB Gunner Kiel is wrapped up by Terrell Stanley (66) and Fred Presley (99). [Al Myatt photo]

ECU corner Rocco Scarfone apprehends Mike Boone of the Bearcats. [Al Myatt photo]

Lauren Gardner was the sideline reporter on the CBS Sports Network telecast. [Al Myatt photo]