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From the Anchor Desk
Tuesday, May 4, 2010

By Brian Bailey

Holland's Mulligan

By Brian Bailey
All rights reserved.

Heather Macy
(ECU SID Photo)


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"Thank you very much. I'm ecstatic to be here.”

With those simple words, Heather Macy voiced more sincerity than Wes Moore spoke in an entire press conference.

Heather Macy was named the new women’s basketball coach at East Carolina when ECU Director of Athletics Terry Holland had to take a mulligan.

In golf that second shot is usually a good one.
After meeting both coaches, I think Holland’s mulligan will turn out to be a good one as well.

Wes Moore may be a great coach. He may be a great man, but his own mulligan is close to career suicide.

Instead of a mulligan, maybe you could say that Moore pulled a Bobby Cremins.

Cremins did the same type of thing in trying to leave Georgia Tech for his alma mater of South Carolina. After three days on the job, Cremins decided it wasn’t for him, and bolted back to Atlanta.

Moore wasn’t around that long. His initial press conference seemed innocent enough. He said all of the right things.

So did Coach Macy. Apparently the difference was that Macy meant what she said.

Holland evidently really liked Heather Macy after interviewing her last week. She was his number one pick until Wes Moore’s resume arrived.

Moore’s resume was tough to match. His eleven straight conference championships spoke volumes.

I think Wes Moore arrived in Greenville thinking he was inheriting a similar situation that he had in Chattanooga. I don’t think he did his homework.

Women’s basketball is different in Tennessee. It’s important at East Carolina, but the Volunteer state puts it on a whole new level.

I know it’s hard to leave a place where you’ve invested so much. I respect Moore for what he’s done in Chattanooga. It was unfair for many, though, for Moore to take East Carolina on that two-day ride.

Former Pirate football coach Steve Logan used to say that if a recruit didn’t want to be a Pirate, then he simply didn’t want him.

Wes Moore wanted to bring his wife closer to home. But Moore didn’t want to be a Pirate.

I asked Coach Macy about being East Carolina’s second choice.

"I'm excited to be standing here,” Macy said. “That's the number one thing. I'm ready to be the basketball coach here. I told the players in the locker room that it is like the story of driving a car and looking in the rearview mirror. If you keep looking in the rearview mirror, you're always worried about what's behind you and you'll miss what's ahead of you.

"Right now, we can only see what's ahead of us."

She didn’t exactly answer the question, but her attitude and enthusiasm got the message across.

Macy realizes that she will have to sell women’s basketball at East Carolina. She got to work on that early on.

She closed out her first press conference by telling everyone to come to the games “and to bring a friend.”

When former ECU coach Mike Steele was introduced at East Carolina, he was asked about being the school’s third choice.

Steele didn’t miss a beat.

“I was my Momma’s third child, but she still loves me just as much,” he stated.

Holland never got a signature on a contract from Wes Moore.

It may go down as an autograph Holland will be glad he never got.

Macy the mulligan may go down as a great shot.


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05/04/2010 03:01 AM


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