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From the Anchor Desk
Wednesday, July 2, 2008

By Brian Bailey

Summertime is slow time

By Brian Bailey
All rights reserved.

Just the other day I made a comment that football season seemed to be just around the corner. I told someone that the bowl game always made a big difference on just how long it seemed to take to get to the next football season.

Then we hit late June and this week we entered July.

All of a sudden it was like the sports world took a snooze. Everybody is either on vacation or in sleep mode for the summer. Thereís no real news coming out of Pirate land, which makes for some really slow days in sports.

Iíve been relatively busy as we try to hire a weekend sportscaster to join my staff at Channel 9. Until then, itís just me. Itís still the best job in the world, but even the best job is still a job.

We hope to have someone by the end of the month, just in time for the start of Touchdown Friday (our high school football show) and, of course, for Pirate football.

This is a particularly slow week, with the July 4th holiday on Friday. Many are turning a long weekend into a vacation week.

Soon enough, weíll have our run of Little League, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, etc., all-star tournaments in eastern North Carolina. Donít get me wrong. These are exciting times for these little ones, who really get their first taste of being on a team from an individual town or area. However, Iíve learned through the years that a television station the size of ours canít cover every one of these events.

We always promise to get what we can, but we also know that with each passing day we move closer and closer to football season.

July is the longest month. The days are long. It takes 31 days to get through it. But when we finally get to August we all know that the eighth month of the year includes a football game at the end.

I love baseball, even the major league variety. It gets us through the summer. But there is just something magical about football.

I just think itís the buildup each and every week. We spend the first part of the week looking for answers from the past Saturday. We then spend the last part of the week trying to figure out what weíll see on the upcoming Saturday.

The weekly press conferences with Coach Skip Holtz are always entertaining. By the end of the season, Iím sure heís tired of all of us. Heís great to work with and makes the football season that much more entertaining.

Media day for Pirate football will come early in August. Weíll have our first luncheon with Coach Holtz on August 25th, getting set for the Virginia Tech game on August 30th in Charlotte.

I still remember standing on that field at Lane Stadium, after East Carolina lost to the Hokies in that defensive struggle. Holtz told his team that they belonged in big-time football, but they had to continue to prove it week in and week out.

This yearís team gets a shot in the very first week, again against a Hokies team that is sure to once again be nationally ranked, and once again to be one of the favorites in the ACC.

July is the longest month. August features the dog days. All roads this summer lead to Charlotte and that date on August 30th with Virginia Tech.


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07/02/2008 02:16:54 AM


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