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Nuggets of Gold
Friday, September 5, 2008
By Adam Gold
Adam Gold is program director of the Triangle's "850 the Buzz" and host of "The G-spot with Adam Gold."

HANNA UPDATE: ECU announced in a Friday afternoon press release that the ECU-WVU game is still scheduled for a 4:30 p.m. Saturday kickoff at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. An additional announcement is expected Saturday morning. Visit for updated information.


Don't neglect the laundry

By Adam Gold
All rights reserved.

“Are you going to do that laundry, or stare at it?”

Married men have heard that before. The stale duds likely sit in piles somewhere, maybe in a closet, maybe on the floor of the master bath, maybe right out in the middle of the bedroom.

And, almost without fail, we step over it as though it wasn’t there.

Smart husbands learn to do the laundry. Not so much because she wants you to do it, but so you can extend the offer knowing that if she calls your bluff you can actually handle the job. You don’t ever want to be “that” guy, the one that doesn’t really pay attention and then the laundry seems too tall a task for your very small brain.

Will you get to your point already, Gold? I know you didn’t come here to lecture me on helping my wife around the house.

East Carolina nearly got beat by laundry last week in Charlotte. This is not your older brother’s Virginia Tech football team, and paying the Hokies too much respect nearly left the Pirates on the short end of a game when they were clearly the better team.

You know the statistics. ECU was better on the ground, significantly better through the air and was in complete control – especially in the second half. Take away the one big play through the air – the 62-yarder to freshman Dyrell Roberts, and the Hokies were held to just 181 yards of offense.

This version of “Beamer Ball” is good, but not great, defensively. They don’t have a single reliable running back or wide receiver and Sean Glennon is an average quarterback on his best days.

Yet, with two minutes left in the game, the Hokies still held a 2-point lead and the chances were that ECU was going to end up on the short end of a game in which it was clearly the more impressive team. How was that possible?


It doesn’t make a difference how bad Notre Dame is in a given year (yes, even last year), it doesn’t matter if the Yankees are vintage or not, and when Duke hoops suffered through that 13-18 season, do you think any win over the Blue Devils came easy – or any celebration less sweet?

The helmets are still gold, the pinstripes are still real and Mike Krzyzewski is still on the sidelines – okay, so not in the 13-18 lost season of 1995, but you get the point, right?

East Carolina has a real chance this year to do something very special. Conference USA is shaping up to be a fairly formidable egg to crack. Whether it’s Central Florida or Southern Miss or UAB in the East or Houston or Tulsa in the West, this is not going to be a smooth ride for anyone, let alone the Pirates who play all three of those difficult division games on the road.

On top of that, Terry Holland has “rewarded” Skip Holtz with a non-conference schedule with a trio of games against the Atlantic Coast Conference plus Big East favorite West Virginia.

The hardest thing about breaking through as a team, as a program, isn’t upsetting a more heralded opponent. It isn’t even going on the road in a hostile environment and coming away with an upset victory. The most difficult thing to do is to win a game against one of the big boys when you know deep in your heart that coming away the winner is absolutely no surprise.

That’s when you’ve arrived.

The Pirates are better than N.C. State. The Pirates are better than Virginia. The Pirates were clearly better than Virginia Tech last Saturday. West Virginia might be a different story, but the boys in purple can flat out play.

It’s time for this program, this team, to take care of the business at hand and beat the teams they should beat. This year, for this team, that means most every week.

Your wife is right. There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to learn how to do the laundry. That time is this year, for this team.


09/22/2008 04:11:05 AM

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