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A. Earnest Willis, Jr.
December 23, 2006


Today I watched my team, the ECU Pirates, lose to USF. I was disappointed and I have already heard some grumbling from fans about we should have done this or that. You know what ? I am proud of this team and I believe every Pirate fan, alumnus and anyone connected with East Carolina University should be.

Remember just two short years ago we won only two games and three years ago when we won one game. No, we did not win today, but we had a winning season.

This program is on the right track. A special thanks to Coach Holtz — you have done a great job going from 2-10 to 7-5 and a bowl bid in two years. A special thanks to quarterback James Pinkney, you took a beating today — you helped put the program going in the right direction. You will be missed.

Every Pirate player should hold their head up high — you had a great season. Every player should know that you are a source of pride and unity for this entire region, and that cannot be overstated.

I always enjoyed Pirate football with my father. Boy, he would have loved to have seen the Pirates back in a bowl. My father sadly passed away four years ago. So instead of grumbling about what we could have done to counteract USF’s this or that , why don’t you give that loved one an extra hug this Christmas and New Years and tell them how much you love them?

In closing, I would like to thank every player, every coach, every cheerleader, every band member, every staff member and everyone connected to good ol’ East Carolina for making this a very enjoyable and a great winning season.

GO PIRATES !!!!!!!!!

A. Earnest Willis, Jr.
ECU BSBA '91, MBA '93
Vanceboro, NC


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