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One-on-One with the Pirates
, August 12, 2010

By Ron Cherubini

Q&A with Shane Carden

By Ron Cherubini
All rights reserved.

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Where Rio Johnson has been the picture of patience, progressing through the ranks to be the slight favorite to win the starting quarterback job in 2012, his primary competitor, Shane Carden, has been patient in a different way. Carden has never run anything but this offense. He has had good spring camps thus far. He is ready, and another year as the scout QB might not be as palatable this time around.

If the East Carolina fanbase house is a divided one on the QB topic, Carden would be the candidate for the camp that believes the QB should be one hand-picked by this staff, groomed for life in this system, and young enough to be a three-year starter. Carden was the first signee of the Coach Ruffin McNeill era and was an all-state quarterback in Texas who was groomed in his high school program by former star Texas Tech QB B.J. Symons. In short, he was built to run this offense. Offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley has said over and again that Carden is the most skilled overall of his quarterbacks.

Carden was, by some accounts, starting to gain the edge in spring camp when he suffered an injury to his throwing hand that shut him down for the remainder of camp. Perhaps he would have pulled away with the job had he not been injured. But now the battle moves on to the fall where it is largely expected that Carden will be one of the two QBs that get on the shortlist for the majority of snaps in the battle for the No. 1 job.

Shane was kind enough to sit down for a chat with Bonesville to share his insights on the upcoming season.

Shane Carden winds up for a pass.
(ECU SID photo)

One-on-One with Shane Carden

Q: By all accounts, you were having a great spring, maybe even starting to establish an edge in the competition, and then, wham, injury. How are you feeling right now and were you able to get in significant reps this summer with the receivers?

A: I feel like I came out and at first it felt a little different than (in spring camp), but then we got into pads and I got in a couple of plays and I am feeling good again. I worked this summer and I feel like I am picking up right where I left off (in spring). Yeah, I feel real good.

Q: Your just a sophomore, but it must feel like you have been ramping up for this QB battle forever. Are you chomping at the bit for your shot?

A: Yeah, I know it has only been two years, but it does… it does feel like those two years have been a long time. I am hungry to play football and that injury (in the spring) has made me even hungrier. All I could do was watch film so I watched a ton of it and I feel like that is also helping me right now. I am ready for this competition for the job.

Q: One item that Coach Riley has indicated as being an area of need is for one of the QBs to learn how to be a big-time leader, something that he credits Dominique Davis with being so good at. Is that a role you feel is natural for you? Do you have that mindset and did you learn anything about yourself as a leader in the spring?

A: Definitely Coach Riley wants leadership from his quarterback and I feel like I have gotten more consistent in being a verbal leader. I feel like I have always led with my play and work on the field, but I know I have to speak up. When I first got here, you know, I was younger and sort of was a little quiet. I didn’t speak up much because all these guys have been here and are out there on the field. But now I have worked with a lot of these guys and have earned the opportunity to speak up more and I have been. Time in allows for that. I think I have gained the respect of my teammates and can lead this team.

Q: What player on this team do you most respect and why?

A: Hmmm… this is hard to really answer, but you want one name — I would say (Andrew) Bodenheimer. He was a walk-on before I got here but he works so hard and he does every play right, over and over again. He has earned that scholarship he has now. He uses every bit of his ability out there on every play. He is a living example right here in front of us on how to work, practice, how to play this game.

Q: If you were a quarterback on an opposing team, which defensive player on our defense would you be sure you knew where he was every snap?

A: Whew… there are some guys I would want to know where they are, but probably it would be Derrell Johnson. He is so big and strong and when he comes off that edge — man is he big — when he comes off that edge, you have to be ready. I would say Derrell will be a guy quarterbacks are aware of.

Q: Drop a name or two of a young receiver who will make a name for himself in 2012?

A: Well, he’s not a young receiver, but Dayon Arrington has had a great, great summer and he looks really good. He could have a big year. And as for a young guy, I would say Donte Sumpter — he is a real fast, real good receiver. But honestly, our receiving group all look good. We have a bunch of really good players to throw the football to.

Q: Working with the offensive line, are you seeing a bunch of improvement there?

A: Definitely the group is much bigger and stronger now. Last season, injuries hurt us, but they all got to play and they are so much stronger now and you can tell the group is committed to being better. They look very good to me.

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