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One-on-One with the Pirates
, August 28, 2011

By Ron Cherubini

Q&A with Hugh Parker

By Ron Cherubini
All rights reserved.

Camp reports seldom yield a lot of information, but back in the spring, the reports dropped a name that surely had East Carolina fans digging back into the media guide to figure out who this Hugh Parker was. Inside the program, however, offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley knew a few things about Parker and was eager to see how the transfer from Wingate might manage the center position. Preparation and Opportunity met in the spring and Parker seized the moment… and the center position.

His teammates call him smart and physical. Those are two ingredients key to the one position on the line that makes everything go. Parker is healthy, he and Dominique Davis have worked hard over the summer to build a rapport, and the senior assures all that he is up to the task.

Hugh was kind enough to sit down for a chat with Bonesville to share his insights on the upcoming season.

Hugh Parker (62) in action (ECU SID photo)

One-on-One with Hugh Parker

Q: It seems a safe bet that many fans had to check the roster a few times when they heard that you were coming out of the spring as the top center heading into the fall. Can you talk a little about your path to ECU (transfer) so fans can better understand the who of who our starting center may be?

A: I started out at a Division II school in Charlotte called Wingate but I transferred here my freshman year. I have been on scout team for three years… very much a role player. Just kind of came into camp knowing that last year there were a couple injuries and then a couple things happened with some guys and I had the opportunity and I took it and now I am the starter.

Q: Coach Riley said he was really impressed with your work in the spring and then, boom, injury. How are you health-wise as we approach the first game of the season?

A: I do still have a couple nicks and bruises from the spring but for the most part I am back (to 100%). I am good to go.

Q: Talk about the role of center in this offense. Coach Riley said that of all the OL slots, this is the critical one. Do you feel you and Dominique Davis have a good rapport?

A: I am really used to going against our defense and playing in the spread so I was ready to step in. I was not as good in the old offense (under Skip Holtz), but this offense is a good match for me. It caters to the offensive linemen, it is simplified, and I really enjoy playing in it. My role… when Dominique makes the call, I then do a line read and make a call based on how they are lined up – their formation – and I will then make the calls to the guards or tackles to let them know what they need to do either with me or without me as far as pass or run blocking.

Q: Coach Riley pointed to the center-quarterback exchange as being a weak point in the spring and something that must be perfect going into the season. How is that relationship building?

A: Me and Dominique have gotten into a lot better sync. We have worked very hard on it this summer and now in the fall. I have changed a few things in how I do what I do and it has gotten very good. It is very important that we have this down and I think we are doing well there.

Q: You worked against these defensive linemen during scout all the time. Do you see a difference in them this year?

A: I really do feel like the defensive guys have really picked it up (from last year). Especially in the 3-4 which is much better for the D-line and linebackers and you can really see how the speed helps. They are more aggressive, too, and that makes them much better.

Q: What player on the defense would you hate to have to work against for four quarters?

A: I would say Michael Brooks. We play against each other all the time and are battling every day. We butt heads a lot and he is good, real good. I really respect him a lot.

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