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One-on-One with the Pirates
, August 23, 2010

By Ron Cherubini

Q&A with Torrance Hunt

By Ron Cherubini
All rights reserved.

It’s been a wild ride for East Carolina sophomore running back Torrance Hunt. A year ago, he was a rising star at wide receiver, working his way into the pipeline. Spring came and a new role was born for the speedster – running back. Lack of numbers at the position prompted a test of his capabilities at the position and what was learned is that Hunt could be a big-impact player out of the backfield.

Possessing elite speed and a shiftiness that could give defenders fits in the ECU offensive scheme, Hunt surprised many by earning himself a spot in the running back battle this fall. While it is speculated that he might be a situational back, what is for sure is that offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley wants to get Hunt in position to touch the ball regularly in this offense.

Torrance was kind enough to sit down for a chat with Bonesville to share his insights on the upcoming season.

Torrance Hunt (34) in action last season (ECU SID photo)

One-on-One with Torrance Hunt

Q: So you come to spring camp a receiver and you leave camp as the No. 1 back heading into fall. Talk about that transition and how things are progressing this fall?

A: The transition was great and it was because we didn’t have a lot of guys at running back (in the spring). They felt I was a good fit for the position. It gave me the opportunity for a lot of reps so I am working hard and I am liking where I am right now and keep doing what I do best, playing hard and doing what the coaches ask me to do. Hopefully it will work out for me.

Q: Coach Lincoln Riley talked about the elite speed you bring and how he expects you to provide home-run type of playmaking to the offense. If you are not able to win the starting job, do you feel like you can be a big part of this offense as a situational back?

A: If I do win the role, I do think that my speed will help, and in this offense, big plays are definitely possible. The speed keeps the defense on its toes, being that I need just a little gap to make something happen. (On situational back) Yeah, I think that I can help this offense (if only used in situations that mandate the change of pace). I just want to get some opportunities.

Q: Having worked at wide receiver in this offense, is route running from the running back position different than it is from the wide receiver position?

A: It is a little different. Coming from the receiver position, you are not looking for blitzes. When you are in the backfield, you have to make sure if there is a blitz coming. Pass pro(tection) comes before you can go into your route. It is a little complicated but simple at the same time.

Q: How are you with the playbook at this time? Do you have it all covered already?

A: Oh yeah… I have it down.

Q: What player on this team do you most respect and why?

A: I have to say Dominique (Davis). You have to have poise back there when you have guys like Justin Dixon and Marke Powell running at him. The way he sits back there and he trusts his line and his backs and he is back there not sweating it and he makes the play. He has a lot of heart and a lot of brains back there. I have to give it up to him.

Q: What player on our defense leaves a lasting impression on you when he puts a lick on you?

A: Ummm…I don’t know. I would say Daniel Drake. He goes hard every play. He brings it from the linebacker position and he absolutely does not budge when you put your head down and try to lay it on him.

Q: Talk about this O-line. We lost four starters, yet the coaches feel like we will be better up front. As a back, what is your take on the guys up front?

A: Those guys work really hard. I think that we are going to have a good season. Right now they work harder than any other position on the offense. They work a lot more plays than the rest of us. They are learning. They may be young, but they are going to pack a punch and that is for sure.

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