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One-on-One with the Pirates
, August 22, 2010

By Ron Cherubini

Q&A with Andrew Bodenheimer

By Ron Cherubini
All rights reserved.

Quietly, while East Carolina star receivers Dwayne Harris and Lance Lewis were building towards 1,000-yard receiving seasons in 2010, wideout Andrew Bodenheimer was making a name for himself as well. A physical receiver who prides himself on pushing through a single tackle and getting to the sticks, Bodie, as he is called, knows that his number will be called more this time around.

Almost assuredly, Bodenheimer’s role will expand. He finished 2010 strong, real strong, as he got a handle on the offense and his role within it. He is ready to be primetime alongside Lewis and the emerging talents on the inside. And, he knows that the offense is primed and expecting to show improvement on a record offensive season.

Andrew was kind enough to sit down for a chat with Bonesville to share his insights on the upcoming season.

Andrew Bodenheimer (19) in action (ECU SID photo)

One-on-One with Andrew Bodenheimer

Q: While Lance Lewis and Dwayne Harris were grabbing all the headlines in 2010, you were quietly putting together a solid season, developing a reputation for making clutch grabs and getting physical for YAC. Talk about how you see your role on this offense?

A: Basically, I know I have to be more of a leader this season on and off the field. I need to do the little things – watching a lot of film, working on my routes – becoming a more reliable target for Dominique (Davis). Doing whatever the coaches want me to do whether that is to be a leader or to step up and make the big play.

Q: Last year it was pretty obvious that you got stronger down the stretch of the season. What do you attribute that to?

A: Just working hard and having more confidence in what I can do. Expecting the ball to come to me every time and doing the things I need to do off the ball.

Q: Coach (Lincoln) Riley has said that he expects to see improvement in the offense from year one to year two. What in spring did you experience that might support that premise?

A: Definitely we push our concept every play, whether we get the ball or not, things like open-field blocking. We are all working extra hard and doing the extras that will make this offense better this season.

Q: Personally, what areas of improvement did you focus on in the spring for your game?

A: My consistency and my stamina. Things that working with Coach (Jeff) Connors have really improved for me. My route consistency is better. I don’t get fatigued. My blocking is better. Basically, I am focused on consistency and that is what the coaches want from me.

Q: What player on this team do you most respect and why?

A: Definitely, probably a tie between Dominique (Davis) and Emanuel Davis. Emanuel has been here and has been a playmaker for a long time here. He is a soldier out there. He is someone I definitely respect out there… he is a playmaker. It is always a challenge going up against Emanuel. And Dominique, he has only been here two years but he has emerged as a big-time player and our leader. He pays attention to the details and leads us like a quarterback should. He gets on us when he needs to and he is also inspiring. He encourages but when he sees something that needs to be corrected, he lets you know and we work to correct it. He is a true leader.

Q: Talk about your thoughts of the upcoming South Carolina game?

A: It is a great, great challenge and we are excited about it. We are never afraid to play anybody. We work and the coaches tell us not to worry about the team we are playing. Whoever is in front of us is who we are going to go after. That is who we are going to try to beat. Coach always tells us to not worry about them, but to worry about us and what we do and take care of our business.

Q: Personal expectations this season?

A: Help out the outside receivers by doing the little things I need to do on any given play. Making the blocks and when the ball comes to me, catching it. When a big-play comes, make the play.

Q: Dominique pointed out that while fans see us scoring 30-40 points a game, but what he saw last year in film was that it should have been 50 a game if he had just hit the wide open, big play guy. Do you feel like you guys are all in sync this time around?

A: Dominique is definitely more comfortable with this offense… it shows. He is seeing the whole field and so far in camp, he is hitting the open guy. We are all working hard in ensuring that we are where we need to be on any given play… we are all much more in sync this time around. We are very tight and all on the same page already.

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