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TH winds up e-exchange staff report

East Carolina athletic director Terry Holland has posted what the school called "the last of a web dialogue" spawned in the wake of the school's announcement last week that it intended to replace Bill Herrion as Pirates basketball coach at the end of the season.

The post, published Monday on ECU's official athletics Website ( was a follow-up to one that appeared on the site on Sunday in which Holland responded to a scathing e-mail message he had received from a sender identified as "Bryan, Class of '80."

The message criticized Holland in sarcastic tones over last week's announcement that Herrion would be relieved of his coaching duties, accusing the first-year ECU AD of being a hypocrite and ridiculing Holland's ties to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Holland served lengthy stints as basketball coach and athletic director at ACC member Virginia.

Holland's Sunday post, billed as an "An Open Response," strongly defended the decision to replace Herrion and countered harsh claims and implications in the message about Holland's performance as AD.

The sender's message and Holland's reply, both of which were published in full on a page linked from the home page on Sunday, have since been removed from the site. A detailed story about the  exchange appeared Monday on

The subsequent Monday post by Holland, apparently prompted by an avalanche of electronic feedback, was conciliatory in tone and was clearly intended to put the matter to rest.

Following is the unedited text of Monday's post by Holland, preceded by the site's introductory paragraph:

Go Pirates!


Below is the last of a web-dialogue between ECU Athletics Director Terry Holland and all Pirate interests regarding last week's events. Due to the overwhelming amount of mail he has received, he would like to deliver the following message:

All is well that ends well — Bryan has responded in a way that would make all true Pirates proud. And I have apologized to him for using his earlier e-mail to address those who shared his sentiments but did not have the guts to write to me.

We need people with Bryan's passion to fight the battles ahead and I am proud to serve on the Pirate ship with him.

Let's all move ahead with the business at hand — beating Memphis in the Women's tournament in Charlotte, beating Tulane in New Orleans on Saturday, having a great Softball weekend AND celebrating the opening of Clark-LeClair stadium (a truly stunning Pirate achievement).


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