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'Painting 'em Purple'

From the Booth
Monday, December 16, 2002
By Jeff Charles
Voice of the Pirates

Ears open, mouth shut the path to knowledge


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The “Voice” doesn’t always talk. Often times he listens. In fact, I’d much rather listen than talk. You learn a lot more when you listen.

Most people who talk incessantly have the least amount to say, so I’ve been listening lately and here’s what I’ve heard:

• Travis Holcomb-Faye does indeed have a barber. His name is Bernard and he lives in Winston-Salem. He’s the only guy Travis will allow to touch his locks. Sometimes Travis doesn’t get back to Winston-Salem for three months. That’s the real reason Travis has his “do.”

• The coaching rumors are incredible. The websites that supposedly have the “inside scoop” are hilarious. I’m amazed at how the Internet has changed our lives.

• Track Coach Bill Carson has been at East Carolina for 36 years. Carson has had 65 All Americans. The only one in the Hall of Fame is Otis Melvin. Many more are deserving of induction. Coach Carson epitomizes all the good things about college athletics. He stands for loyalty, character, integrity, honesty and respect to all who interact with him. During his great career, he’s had limited facilities, resources and, at various times, administrative support. Through it all he’s just continued to plug along and develop his program — a program that has gained national exposure, recognition and respect for ECU. He’s been a great role model for hundreds of student athletes that he’s touched in a very special way. I wish people like Bill Carson would get more media attention. In a small way, I’m trying to do my part today. He has an incredible story to tell. Bill Carson has not made a lot of money as the ECU track coach, but he’s the wealthiest guy in the athletics department.

• It’s amazing how many of these all-star games are now popping up. It used to be the Blue-Gray and maybe a game in Hawaii. Now you see them all over the place. There are entrepreneurs everywhere. How many of these games will survive? How can all these bowl games possibly survive?

• Most of the ECU assistant football coaches are still in the building doing their best to keep things together. When there’s a change at the top, often times one or two guys will survive. There are some good guys and good coaches here. I hope at least a couple get a shot.

• The atmosphere at Williams Arena-Minges Coliseum for last week's Virginia Tech game was electric. There’s something to be said for a small building that’s full. Hats off to the Minges Maniacs.

• Bill Herrion’s brother, Tommy, finally lost his first game as the College of Charleston's head coach. The Cougars got beat at Central Florida in Orlando to end their unbeaten streak.

• My Virginia Tech friends tell me the Paradise Jam Tournament that Tech participated in was a first-class event. The weather’s not bad in the Caribbean this time of year either.

• Will Steve Logan coach again? Who knows? It would have to be the right situation. He now has financial security. Remember, too, his annuity kicks in at age 62. That’s twelve years away from February.

• When are we going to see the “Moose Meter” at Williams Arena Minges Coliseum? If it occurs it will chart blocked shots, much like the “K’s” put up for a strikeout pitcher. Badiane is now ECU’s all-time blocked shots leader. Beware, “there’s a moose on the loose.”

• Can “Billville” be far behind? We can see students camping out for basketball tickets when the big boys of Conference USA roll into town in January and February. That will be a first for this program.

• Legendary veteran football coach Lou Saban is out at Chowan. He’s eighty years old.

• The new introduction of the starting lineups has been a big hit. The new lighting system has really helped. Now if the video screens were better.

Here’s our broadcasting lineup this week:

  • Thursday night airtime on the Pirate Sports Radio Network is 7:30 for ECU and George Mason. The ECU women play in the preliminary game.

  • Coach Herrion’s Radio Call-In Show moves to Wednesday night this week at 8:00 p.m., originating from Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant. We had a great crowd last week.

  • Saturday airtime is 4:30 for ECU and Campbell from Fayetteville. The game will be played in the beautiful Crown Center. Following the ECU game, the Fayetteville Patriots will play in an NBDL contest.

Till next time, “keep painting’em purple.”

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