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Bailey's Take on Pirate Sports

From the Anchor Desk
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
By Brian Bailey

Summer sizzle brews pigskin fever


The temperatures are in the high 90’s. The heat index is at 110. Thunderstorms provide nightly entertainment.

It all means that Pirate football is near.

I love the summertime. I enjoy going to the baseball and softball fields, watching my son and daughter or maybe their friends play in regular season and all-star games.

Greenville and eastern North Carolina have a long history of success on the diamonds. The trip to Williamsport for the Greenville boys is one of my greatest memories in covering sports.

But enough is enough. It’s time for football!

The players are all set to check into camp on Thursday, Aug. 4th.

That date is sort of a misnomer, because this East Carolina team has worked as hard as it ever has this summer under new strength coach Mike Golden.

I met Coach Golden recently and he’s got that same gleam in his eye that another ECU strength coach, Jeff Connors, had.
Its just part of the recipe. That gleam, that demeanor, a strength coach has to be a little crazy.

All reports say Golden is doing a great job and that we will all see the results this fall on the gridiron.

The players will practice for the first time on Friday, Aug. 5th, before hosting the media for picture day on Saturday, Aug. 6th.

The squad will work out in shells until Tuesday, Aug. 9th when the team will go in full pads for the first time.

The only scrimmage on the early schedule is on Friday, Aug. 26th. It’s not clear as of yet just how open this or any other scrimmage will be for fans and media.

Media consultants for a day

I was on campus on Wednesday as a part of a forum on interviews conducted by Tom McClellan, Director of Athletics Media Relations.

I was joined by Troy Dreyfus of Pirate Radio 1250 and Nate Summers of the Daily Reflector.

We each talked to the group of new freshman athletes about our different role in covering East Carolina athletics.

I was really surprised by the group’s interest level. They asked several questions and really seemed to want to know everything they could about dealing with the media.

I was also impressed by McClellan’s memo to the group. He stressed several points of interests.

He wrote that in television interviews what the public sees breaks down like this: 65 percent body language, 25 percent tone and 10 percent content.

I had never really thought about it this way, but it makes sense.

I stressed to the group that dressing the part was key. If you know you’re going to be interviewed on camera, make sure you are neatly dressed.

McClellan also wrote to the group about wearing a cap. He said to make sure that it was an “East Carolina” hat, and to never wear it backwards on camera.

Believe it or not, it had to be said.

I’ve seen Pirates sporting Yankees, Red Sox, NBA caps — even caps representing other college teams. Players don’t realize how the public takes to such a thing.

I think the entire experience was a positive one for both the panel and the athletes.

Maybe our little get together will pay dividends during a winning Pirate season this fall!

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