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Bailey's Take on Pirate Sports

From the Anchor Desk
Wednesday, March 2, 2005
By Brian Bailey

'As the Pirate turns'


What a week it has been in Pirate land! If I didnít know better, I would swear that we are all part of a new soap opera.

I was out of town for the weekend and missed the e-mail correspondence that took the East Carolina web site by storm.

When I first heard of the original e-mail and Terry Hollandís response, I was stunned.

After reading the Pirate athletic directorís e-mail, I came away thinking that it was very well written.

I still donít think it belonged on a universityís athletic web site, but Iím not the AD. Evidently, Coach Holland thought better of it as well, and had it removed after a shorter run then the movie Cat Woman had from this summer.

I still donít completely understand the timing of the news from last week.

Evidently, Holland wanted to keep his decision under wraps until the end of the season.

This is Greenville though, and word that Herrion wouldnít be retained leaked faster then Grandmaís faucet on a cold day.

What we do know at this point is that Herrion wonít be back as the Pirate coach, and East Carolina will add yet another fired coach to its list of those still on the payroll.

Herrion leaves with three years on his contract at 160 thousand dollars per year.

As far as a successor goes, the word around East Carolina is that Ricky Stokes, a former player and coach under Holland, will get a long look. Stokes didnít get the job done at Virginia Tech, but it can be argued that the Hokies' program has made a splash in the Atlantic Coast Conference with the players that Stokes recruited.

Stokes was the hot name around the coliseum during Tuesday night's high school playoffs. The coaching fraternity is a small one, and word gets around quickly. Several different sources indicated that they felt Stokes was in the running.

The Matt Doherty rumors have been squelched for now. Doherty reportedly has no interest in the position at East Carolina. That could change, of course, if Holland would decide to go in that direction.

Dave Odom was instrumental in getting Holland to East Carolina. Now, there is word that Odom may have had his fill in Columbia, and could want to return to East Carolina to help out his friend, Holland.

Odomís return might also give son Lane a new start in coaching. Lane Odom is a former ECU assistant who ran into trouble as an assistant at Missouri. The theory goes that Daddy Dave might come to ECU and help his son get back into the business.

The Odom family reportedly loved their time in Greenville. Daddy Dave, by the way, holds a Masters in Education from ECU (1969).

Each scenario makes sense in some aspects, but the collective speculation just adds to the ďAs the Pirate TurnsĒ soap opera.

Stay tuned, because another chapter seems to come out daily!

First pitch coming Friday

Every time I ride down Charles Boulevard the new baseball castle looks that much prettier.

Itís hard to believe that the work of so many will finally be able to be enjoyed by baseball fans from all over.

Itís a big day on Friday, as East Carolina hosts Michigan in the Keith LeClair Classic.
The weather is expected to be sunny, but cool.

March baseball couldnít be any other way, could it?

I canít wait to tour the berm, sit in the press box, and enjoy Pirate baseball from a true gem, Clark-LeClair stadium.

Weíll see you bright and early on Friday!

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