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Bailey's Take on Pirate Sports

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From the Anchor Desk
Wednesday, April 17, 2002
By Brian Bailey
Sports Anchor of WNCT-TV 9


Too much stock put into games vs. ACC foes?


Ranked in-state rivals collide

There are some Pirate fans who say it shouldn’t be a big deal when East Carolina matches up with an ACC team.

There are others who say it’s the highlight of that sport’s season.

I’m with group two. Bring on the Tar Heels, the Wolfpack, the Devils (except in hoops). Anytime ECU gets a shot at the ACC, the Pirates get that chip back on their shoulder. East Carolina plays better in all sports with that chip dangling off the blade.

“I hear more from the students,” said ECU Centerfielder Warren Gaspar. “They have really let me know that Wednesday night’s game is a big one for them, and one that they really want us to win. There should be a huge crowd and it should be lots of fun.”

Clayton McCullough agrees with the ECU student body.

“I know it’s a big game,” he said. “It always is when East Carolina gets together with anyone in the ACC. I think we owe them a couple this year. It should be a great atmosphere with two nationally-ranked teams on the field.”

North Carolina has been a surprise in the ACC. They have struggled a bit of late, but they’ve played two of the top five teams in the country, Clemson and Wake Forest. Carolina will get another test, tonight, because the Pirate faithful will be out in force.

Still, I guess we shouldn’t put too much stock in one game. It is a non-conference game, and mid-week games are more about a program’s depth than about its league championship mettle.

“It is just a midweek game,” said Pirate assistant coach Kevin McMullan. “I know that the fans will be excited, but it’s not a conference game. With that said, though, it should still be a great game and were very excited to be a part of it.”

Staff keeps LeClair's Omaha dream alive

Coach McMullan has done a wonderful job in keeping this program together while head coach Keith LeClair battles his health problems.

Coach Mac, along with Tommy Eason, George Whitfield and Eddie Losener have formed a great bond, working together to keep Coach LeClair’s dream of a World Series berth alive this season.

It certainly hasn’t been easy. Coach LeClair’s health has deteriorated in a way that none of the staff could have imagined. As of late Tuesday night, LeClair was in serious condition at Pitt Memorial Hospital.

Each one of the assistant coaches has gone above and beyond the call in working with this team. Every assignment has been carried out, with each coach taking more of the load.

McMullan is the team’s spokesman, and has to handle all of the questions concerning Coach LeClair’s health. They are questions that none of us wants to ask. There are many questions that Coach Mac can’t answer.

To his credit though, McMullan is a straight shooter. There is a fine line in answering questions truthfully and respecting the family’s concerns.

McMullan has done a wonderful job on both fronts.

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